F5: Strom to release debut album at Air House 


"Waltz in the Dark's production sounds like a movie soundtrack starring a nightclub singer donned in a gown, under low light and behind a shiny black grand piano. The main character is often contemplating romance. In songs such as "Of All the Boys," the character finds love realized and further supported in the following track, "Valentine's Day Sucked." The vibe is like a sequel to a romantic comedy where the couple is existing in the happily ever after, a story not often told. There are some more content-dense songs on Waltz in the Dark including "Help" followed by "Lost," a piece that opens in an odd meter and embraces darker melodies. And of course, as the title track would suggest, there are waltzes.

Waltz in the Dark is like sipping a fine cabernet but for your ears. Strom understands her palette and how best to utilize her talents."

Wichita Eagle: Ex-Miss Kansas Emily Strom has had a Busy Summer 


"In the old black-and-white movie version of her life, Emily Strom might have been portrayed as a rebellious youth who shocked her preacher father by becoming – gasp! – a jazz musician.


In reality, Strom’s pastor father and musical mother have backed her forays into entertainment, even venturing into that den of iniquity, Las Vegas, to see her perform at Mandalay Bay a couple years ago."